About Us


Sai Sports Wear & Uniform Ltd (SSWU) has been manufacturing school and staff uniforms and sportswear since 2004 under Sai brand. It has since grown into a successful manufacturer and retailer in the Kenyan Market. In addition, the company also trades in sports equipment and accessories.
The company manufacturers a complete range of uniforms and sportswear for customers including;
  • Educational institutions
  • Parastatals
  • National Security Forces and
  • Sports and Uniforms Wholesalers
The range of sportswear manufactured by the company include, inter alia:
Soccer, Volleyball, Netball, Basketball and Rugby sets,
Gym wear and Staff Uniforms.
In 2007, SSWU launched the brand “Aqua”. The products manufactured and traded under this brand include, inter alia:
  • Polo Shirts and T-shirts,
  • Tracksuits,
  • Lycra Swimwear,
  • Polar Fleece Jackets,
  • Boxing Equipment and Shoes,
  • Various balls such as Football, Volleyballs, Net balls, Handballs and Sporting Shoes.
With a growing increase in demand for sportswear within the Kenyan market, our company vision of being a superior
manufacturer continues to be testament of our determination to produce superior quality products. Committed to delivering excellence, our ethos is centered on ensuring customer satisfaction while we continue to progress and grow as a company.